1. All medical cannabis distributed by the Collective has been and must be cultivated by its members. 
  2. No medical cannabis shall be provided, or distributed, to non-members of the Collective.
  3. No smoking or consuming of cannabis or cannabis-related products on the Collective’s premises, or in the immediate vicinity of the Collective’s premises, is permitted.
  4. No loitering on, or in the vicinity of, the Collective’s premises after a member obtains his or her medicine is permitted.
  5. Membership shall be immediately terminated if it is discovered after admission that a member is no longer in compliance with any condition of membership or is in violation of any rules or requirements of membership.
  6. The re-sale or diversion of any medical cannabis obtained from the Collective is prohibited.  
  7. The carrying of any firearms or weapons on Collective premises is prohibited.
  8. The use of any pesticides or other harmful products in any medicinal product manufactured or cultivated for the Collective and/or its members is prohibited.
  9. Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of medical cannabis obtained through the Collective is prohibited and in violation of California law.
  10. Harassment of Collective personnel or anyone in the vicinity of the Collective is prohibited.
  11. Violating any laws related to possession, cultivation, possession for sale, transportation and/or sale of cannabis, in violation of California Health & Safety Code Sections 11357, 11358, 11359 and 11360 is prohibited.
  12. Undertaking any action or conduct that endangers the legal defenses and immunities enjoyed by the Collective under the Compassionate Use Act or the Medical Marijuana Program Act (California Health & Safety Code Sections 11362.5 et seq.) is prohibited.
  13. All members must contribute to the day-to-day operations of the Collective and to benefit the overall health and well-being of fellow members of the Collective in accordance with California Law.  
  14. All members should attend, and participate in, the annual member meetings.  Member attendance is necessary to help make decisions regarding the operations of the Collective for the benefit of all members. Date and location to be announced.